Bayonet Belt Frogs Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) 1912
There were so many arms and  bayonets in use by the Ulster Volunteer Force in 1912 in Northern Ireland, that the force contracted to make their own belt frogs.



There were several types and sizes to fit the Gras, Metford, Mannlicher, Veterli rifle bayonets. These frogs were based on the pattern 1908 webbing frogs of the British Army but were manufactured using a thinner canvas and were available for volunteers to purchase in Belfast at nominated suppliers. Also pressed into service were stocks of British Army surplus belts and frogs again purchased from recognised retailers in the city.


There were at least 5 different types of canvas frog manufactured for UVF use which are still found today.

See Bayonet Belt Frogs by Anthony Carter, pages 112 & 113.

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Other items of equipment commissioned and pressed into service by the UVF included belts and divisional arm bands - all manufactured from similar canvas as used in the belt frogs.