Various Bayonets found in Ireland

UVF_various_2.jpg (35443 bytes)The violent history of Ireland has resulted in a rich variety of arms and bayonets being imported and used by the British, its allies and its rebels.

As a collector of bayonets in Ireland, it is possible to find numerous types and varieties from all over the world.

Most common are French, then British and then battle field souvenirs from both World Wars.



Many Irish men served in the British army – during the 1840’s almost 40% of the British Army were from Ireland.

As we have seen, common bayonets found here are Mle1874 Gras and M1904 ‘Irish Mannlicher’.     Also imported were many Mle1866 Chassepot bayonets which were used along with Mle1842 sword bayonets, as impressive side-arms for officers in the rebel armies such as the U.V.F. 



Also Italian 1871 Veterli sword bayonets are found.

Of the British bayonets found are included P1879, P1888, P1907, P1903 and  sockets such as P1876 and P1853 to fit Snider, Martini and Lee Enfield rifles.